Introducing the Mac version of FTAnalyzer.

You can find the latest Mac Release version on the MacOS App Store for your region just search for FTAnalyzer. (note NOT the iPhone/iPad App Store)

Just click on the App store on your Mac and enter FTAnalyzer into the search bar to find the app. alt text

Facebook, Support Site & Twitter

The User Group is hosted as a page on Facebook. The Support website is also on Facebook. The Twitter account is @FTAnalyzer note I don’t check twitter very often.


Please note that the development of the Mac version is still in a “beta” stage. It can load a file and display individuals, families, sources, occupations, facts and locations. I’ve also added the errors and fixes tab, and the research suggestions tab.

These are quite basic at present as it doesnt yet have the filters that the windows version has and the duplicates isn’t yet working. I’ve also added a double click to the lists to show all the facts for that person or family.

The research suggestions tab allows auto searching of census records on Ancestry, Find My Past, FamilySearch and FreeCen by double clicking on a box.

The version under development and hopefully available by the end of 2018 will include option panels and printing of the reports.

Beta Testers Needed

More changes will be implemented over the comming months. However I need some folks to help to test the features as they become available and find bugs before I release a new version to the App Store. App Store users expect versions to work without issues but spotting bugs can be hard for a solo developer so I need help.

These beta versions will be released through the github website and not via the App Store. If you wish to take part in beta testing please email me via this site and I’ll setup a beta testers discussion group. The more folks that can provide feedback from testing the quicker I can release a new version to the App Store.

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