This is the Mac version of FTAnalyzer pages.

Please note that the development of the Mac version is still in a early “beta” stage. It can load a file and display individuals, families, sources, occupations, facts and locations.

I’ve also added the errors and fixes tab. This is quite basic at present as it doesnt yet have the filters that the windows version has and the duplicates isn’t yet working. Although the latest version allows a double click to show all the facts for that person or family.

More changes will be implemented over the comming months. However I’m aware that some folks want to test the features as they become available so I’ll be releasing various beta versions over the coming months.

You can find the latest Mac Release version here

Note that at the present time the app not sufficiently developed to be allowed on the App Store so at present it is available from this site and not the Apple App Store so you may need to change a system setting to allow the app to install. This article may help explain how to do this.